Porcupine Tree predstavili Dislocated Day live

Progresivci Porcupine Tree objavili su pjesmu ‘Dislocated Day’ sa svog novog live albuma ‘Octane Twisted’.

Pjesma je snimljena u londonskom Royal Albert Hall-u u listopadu 2010. tijekom njihove ‘The Incident’ turneje.

Frontman Steven Wilson nedavno je objavio i detalje svog novog solo albuma – The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories).

Octane Twisted – popis pjesama:

The Incident
Occam’s Razor
The Blind House
Great Expectations
Kneel and Disconnect
Drawing the Line
The Incident
Your Unpleasant Family
The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train
Time Flies
Degree Zero of Liberty
Octane Twisted
The Séance
Circle of Manias
I Drive the Hearse

Russia On Ice / The Pills I’m Taking
Stars Die
Bonnie The Cat
Even Less
Dislocated Day
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here